borderline retarded number 10 - THE DEATH ISSUE out now

i’ve been making this zine once a year for 4th of july since 2005. this is the last and final issue.

i always thought 10 years would be a good stopping point. if you love something, set it on fire

OK, so I very very rarely reblog anything onto this blog because it’s primarily for my art, BUT

I ordered a couple of zines from this guy about a year ago, and probably wouldnt have made any of my art books without inspiration from them, and lets be fair, art books are kind of my thing.

I’m living the poor art student lifestyle and am way too poor to buy myself nice things, but if any of you can afford it, buy a zine because they’re all so pleasant and true of life.

(if anyone was wondering I have Borderline Retarded #9 and When The Cactus Is In Bloom!)

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